Resource World Covers Aurania in June/July 2018 Issue

Aurania Seeking Lost Cities of Gold in Ecuador

Below is an excerpt from Resource World’s article about Aurania Resources titled ‘Aurania Seeking Lost Cities of Gold in Ecuador’ by Jennifer Getsinger, PhD, PGeo, which was published in the June/July 2018 issue of Resource World Magazine.

What if you and your colleagues (all seasoned mineral explorationists) had already discovered a major copper-gold porphyry and several promising gold deposits in a geological setting you knew well from experience, and then you happened to come across historical documents regarding fabulously rich gold deposits mined centuries ago in the next mountain range along strike? You’d go stake that area, right? And then apply every modern tool and concept to find that legendary El Dorado.

This is exactly what Dr. Keith Barron, CEO and Chairman, and his team, including Dr. Richard Spencer, President of Aurania Resources Ltd. [ARU-TSXV], are doing in their latest efforts to find the Lost Cities of Sevilla del Oro and Logroño de los Caballeros, in the Cordillera de Cutucú of southeastern Ecuador. Although their logo resembles an old golden doubloon, they are not looking to appropriate lost Spanish treasure or artifacts, but using modern sophisticated exploration strategies on this remote and difficult terrain to reveal the geological source of the mother lode.

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