Understanding geology and Aurania’s exploration approach.

Corporate Videos

Commodity TV

CEO Update on Corona Impact, Food Support of Local Shuar People

Jochen Staiger of Commodity TV, interviews Aurania’s Chairman & CEO, Dr. Keith Barron. Aurania is well financed and the impact of COVID-19 is very low, as the company works in very remote areas of Ecuador. The private foundation of CEO Keith Barron sent 8 tons of food to the local Shuar people.
Commodity TV

Aurania on Commodity TV: New Targets Identified by LiDAR

Presentation of a Gold exploration company working in Ecuador. Aurania owns a huge land package and there are many indications that the historic "Lost Cities" are on the property. By the use of LIDAR scans Aurania identified promising targets for the current drill program.
Proactive Research

Proactive Research Analyst Discusses the Early Work Being Done by Aurania

Proactive research analyst Christopher Ecclestone gives his take on the early work being done by Aurania Resources Ltd (CVE:ARU) (OTCMKTS:AUIAF) on its Lost Cities project in Ecuador.
Sangay Volcano at Night

Keith Barron Witnesses Sangay Volcano Eruption

Ecuador's Sangay volcano is the most active volcano in Ecuador despite erupting only three times in recorded history, because the eruption that started in 1934 is still ongoing. Every so often the belly of the beast grumbles and onlookers are treated to a fiery display of smoke, vapour, and lava on a scale far greater than normal.
Metal Investors Forum logo

Metals Investor Forum Presentation Video

Aurania's President Dr. Richard Spencer's delivers a corporate presentation at the Metals Investor Forum in Toronto, February 28 – March 1, 2020.

Copper Extraction Experiment

This experiment, designed to illustrate the simplicity of copper extraction from sedimentary-hosted mineralization, was recorded at Aurania’s Ecuadorean field office during a visit from Ecuador’s Vice-Minister of Mines, Fernando L. Benalcazar. Aurania’s President Dr. Richard Spencer shows how to go from field rocks to pure copper in a matter of minutes. Ingredients: crushed, copper-bearing sedimentary rock, a bit of sulphuric acid, a couple of nails attached to a flashlight battery with electrical wire and voila, copper extraction pure and simple.
Vice Minister and Gregor Borg

The Opportunity - A Copper Expert's Opinion

The following was recorded at Aurania’s Ecuadorean field office during a concurrent visit from Ecuador’s Vice-Minister of Mines, Fernando L. Benalcazar and Prof. Gregor Borg, one of the top sedimentary copper experts in the world. The discussion centres on the Vice-Minister’s interest in Aurania’s recent copper discovery from a governmental perspective, and Prof. Borg’s professional, independent opinion on the significance of the company’s copper findings.