Behind the Scenes – VICE News Covers Aurania

In early 2018, Aurania Resources was approached by VICE News to film a short news segment focusing on gold exploration in Ecuador. VICE News sent their top team down to Ecuador in March to spend ten days in the field with Aurania’s management and exploration teams to capture the real story behind the search for The Lost Cities.

The segment aired on HBO in mid-April 2018 and was posted to along with two bonus videos.

Full VICE News Piece ‘Meet the real-life Indiana Jones hunting for gold in the Amazon’:


Note: The following videos are embedded in the VICE News article above, direct links posted below for convenience.
Video 1: Main segment
What Modern Day Gold Hunting Looks Like — In The Amazon (HBO)

Video 2: Supplementary video
Meet Two Shuar Members Of Barron’s Team (HBO)

Video 3: Supplementary video
The Gateway To The Amazon (HBO)