Management Interview: Aurania Featured on BTV – Business Television CEO Clips

Chairman & CEO, Dr. Keith Barron speaks to BTV- Business Television about Aurania’s Lost Cities- Cutucu project in Ecuador and its massive 208,000 hectare land package.

“I’ve been working in geology for 36 years and I have never, ever seen anything with this abundance of targets. We have copper, we have gold, we have silver, we have lead and zinc.” says Keith Barron, PhD, CEO & Chairman of Aurania

Aurania is the first company to tackle this package of land. In fact, the last time it was last looked at by the Spanish conquistadors in 1605.

“Aurania has a lot of possibilities because everything is so, so very well mineralized. It gives us a lot of opportunities to joint venture, not just the entire package, but to break it up in joint venture with different companies.” says Barron.

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